Just Released: Our Subscription Cost Calculator

The Calculator makes it easy to figure out what you are spending each year on subscriptions. Select what you're subscribing to and we calculate the costs and find ways to save some money.

Just Released: Our Subscription Cost Calculator

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We are currently in beta with our first tool, the Subscription Cost Calculator.  Try it out, it's free and no sign-ups are required to use it.


In the subscription-based economy, it's easy to lose track how much you are spending on all of your subscriptions.  Most times you sign up for a subscription, use it for a while and then forget about it.  

Like most people, subscription charges are usually spread across multiple credit cards which makes it difficult to know how much you really are spending per year.

The Subscription Calculator makes it easy to figure out what you are spending.  Just select the subscriptions that you are currently subscribing to.  We have the latest prices from many subscription providers, so as you make your selections, we add up the monthly, first year and annual costs for you.

The Calculator currently contains subscriptions like movies, music, mobile phones, data storage, food, clothing, shipping memberships, personal products, and more.  

Don't be surprised after using the Calculator that you might be spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year on subscriptions.

Since the Calculator is now in beta, we are looking for feedback.  Let us know what subscription providers we should add or other features you would like to see.

In the coming weeks, we will be adding cost comparisons between similar providers including unit prices (e.g., price per gigabyte, meal, razor, etc.) and we will be adding non-digital subscription providers like warehouse clubs.

So go check out the Subscription Calculator and keep coming back to see what's new.